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Brief Therapy Center in Lausanne

Welcome to the Lausanne Brief Therapy Center. We provide therapy  to individuals, couples and families, from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Our practice, also known as "brief strategic & systemic therapy", offers solutions to an array of different personal and interpersonal problems (depression, phobia, couple problems, anxiety disorders, eating disorders...) as well as work-related and school-related problems.

Our Center is the Swiss branch of Institut Gregory Bateson, which offers a comprehensive training curriculum on the systemic and strategic intervention approach, enjoyed by over 500 professionals every year in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxemburg.

For more information, please contact us via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by phone at 021 311 63 14.


About us

Guillaume Delannoy

As head of the Swiss branch of Institut Gregory Bateson, Guillaume Delannoy practices systemic and strategic brief therapy with individuals, couples and families facing personal and/or relationship difficulties. He also teaches brief therapy in France, Switzerland and Belgium. Guillaume's brief systemic and strategic therapy training included two years of intensive practice as associate therapist within IGB brief therapy center in Paris and a clinical specialisation with Giorgio Nardone's team from the Arezzo Strategic Therapy Center. In addition to his therapy and training practices, he works with individuals and teams facing problems in the workplace, helping them to deal with highly emotional situations and manage difficult relationships.

Jean-Jacques WittezaeleFollowing the best practices developed by the Mental Research Institute of Palo Alto, IGB's therapists and trainers work as a team, conducting regular supervisions and intravisions, discussing their work with members of the Belgian, French, Luxemburg and Swiss brief therapy centers. Supervisions are coordinated by Jean-Jacques Wittezaele, IGB's founder and director. Phd in psychology, psychotherapist, Jean-Jacques has studied with Paul Watzlawick, John Weakland and Dick Fisch for over three years. He is also research associate at the MRI and has been training professionals in the area of Brief Therapy for over 25 years.



Brief Therapy

Practicing Brief Therapy means seeking to help clients solve their problems in the most rapid, complete and sustainable way possible.

At an initial consultation, we explore the clients' current issues, establish the focus of therapy and start looking for practical ways to promote change.

Depending on the desire of the client and the nature of the problem, others who can be involved in the solutions might be asked to participate.

Frequently, "homework" is suggested in-between sessions, so that change is actively being pursued both inside and outside the therapy office. This helps to dramatically shorten the therapeutic process and therefore reduce the therapy duration.

The therapy ends after a consolidation phase, which enables the client to ensure that the desired change is sustained.